Looking Out Across America is a cross-country bicycle expedition to benefit Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation.  We (Erica Voetsch and Mel Mead) will take off on Adventure Cycling’s TransAmerica Trail from the Atlantic Ocean in June 2013, and end our trip, 4,400 miles and about 90 days later, in Seattle, Washington, having dipped our wheels in the Pacific Ocean at Florence, Oregon along the way.  The TransAmerica Trail is legendary – full of history, amazing stories, and interesting people, and we can’t wait to get out there and experience it for ourselves.

 This journey has been our dream for a number of years, and we are extremely honored to partner with the Looking Out Foundation as our fundraising cause.  Seeing the United States by bicycle presents a new way of viewing the world and meeting people.  We are so thrilled to not only take on this adventure, but to also see the country in an environmentally responsible manner, make new friends along the way, and make a positive impact on the world through the Looking Out Foundation!  We'll be earmarking 50% of all funds raised for the Fight the Fear Campaign - the other 50% will go towards the general Looking Out Foundation fund.

 The mission of BrandiCarlile’s Looking Out Foundation is to support, through music, humanitarian outreach efforts in local communities and beyond.  The arts-based foundation serves the chronically underserved through its ongoing philanthropic effort and involvement with social issues.  The foundation has supported many great causes, such as The IF Project, Easter Seals, Honor theEarth, and Why Hunger.  The generosity of spirit that Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth, and their fans express through their philanthropic efforts via the Looking Out Foundation has inspired us to make this journey about much more than just ourselves.

Though we will be doing all the pedaling, we will rely on friends like you to make this journey a success!  To make a donation to the Looking Out Foundation, please use the PayPal button in our right sidebar.  If you would like to support us by helping us cover our personal expenses for the trip, please consider buying a Looking OutAcross America shirt!  Visit our Get Involved tab and sign up to be notified when we’re near your part of the country and come out and cheer us on!