Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Updates, mostly about t-shirts, and another LOAA t-shirt giveaway!!!

Real life has been busy lately!  We’ve been working on our route plan, and have a fairly decent idea of our exact start date now, so that’s exciting!  Look for that to be posted on the website in the coming weeks, so you can get a good idea of which small towns we’ll be staying in along our route across the country, and where you might want to come out and say “hi”!  Because obviously, instead of traveling to some fantastic location to see a great concert or exciting landmark, you probably will want to plan your summer vacation around having lunch with us in, say, Larned, Kansas, right?!?  I knew it…

Endless “THANK YOU”’s to all of you who have supported our personal expenses for the journey by purchasing a t-shirt, or just sending us electronic dollars (who deals in the real ones anymore anyway!)!  We had more shirts printed over the past week or so, I picked them up just this morning, and we have already sold out of Medium and Large again!  I think a much larger order will be called for next time!  We will place our next order today, so those of you who don’t have your shirts yet, no fear, we’ll keep having them printed as long as there is demand for them!  And again, we are so thankful for our local t-shirt printers, Hayes and Taylor, for working with us on our spastic orders!  Check out their website for some cool vintage-inspired designs on super-soft shirts.

We honestly weren’t sure the shirts would sell well at all, and I remember thinking we were taking a big risk ordering the first 50 last August.  Here we are ordering the latest 50 (after some additional small catch-up orders), and wondering if we can even keep pace with the rate that sales are going lately!  And we might have reason to believe that even more people might want one of these shirts soon…yes, that is a teaser, but you’ll just have to wait and see! :)  If you’re planning on trying to make it out to see Brandi and gang on tour this summer, grab your LOAA shirt and make it easier for them to spot you in the crowd!

For those of you that have your shirts already…you may have seen a call for photos of you in your shirts at some cool location, possibly something that represents your geographic location, or includes an adorable animal wearing an LOAA shirt.  If you haven’t already, please send your photos to holly@againtoday.com, and we’ll put together some cool slide show of sorts once they’re all combined!  We’ll also post them on our “LOAA Shirts Out and About” photo album on Facebook – get out there and see who’s already shared their pic, and get inspired!

Here's an example: Jessica from Tucson in her LOAA shirt!

That brings us to the last bit of exciting news we have for you – a t-shirt giveaway!  One of our generous donors has purchased a shirt, to be given to someone in one of the 9 remaining “shirtless” states!  See the list below:

·         Delaware
·         Louisiana
·         Maryland
·         North Dakota
·         South Dakota
·         Tennessee
·         Vermont
·         West Virginia
·         Wyoming

If you live in one of those states, use the entry form below, and you might just be the lucky winner of your very own LOAA t-shirt, in whatever size you choose!  You can enter now through Saturday, March 2nd at midnight, at which point we will randomly select and notify a winner.  Good luck!

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