Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 47 - July 20, 2013 - Dighton, KS to Scott City, KS

Miles - 30
Total mileage - 1305

Today was a perfect riding day - temps in the 70's, big puffy clouds in the blue skies, and a light cross/tailwind.  Gorgeous weather...we flew through the miles to Scott City and arrived before noon.

Along the way, we spotted an Eastbound couple on a tandem.  They stopped to chat for a bit, and found out they are in their 70's!  Way to go to them!  They shared our complaints about the terrible biting flies in Kansas, and didn't stop long to chat so we all wouldn't be eaten alive by these things...  There have been biting flies in every state so far, but by far the highest concentration has been in Kansas.

Kansas is a tough mental pedal for miles and miles seeing nothing but the same old fields and pasture land. 5 miles feel like 20.  If you can't come up with other things to keep your brain occupied, it will drive you insane.  I'm tellin' ya...if this trail isn't throwing physical challenges at you, it's testing you mentally.

We were planning on doing at least double the miles we did today, until we realized we had a couple of packages waiting for us in a random small town only 25 miles from Scott City, and it was the weekend.  We have already forwarded this mail, so we really need to pick it up.  Which meant waiting until Monday morning.  While grabbing lunch, we decided to cut today and tomorrow short in order to be at the post office in Leoti, KS on Monday morning when it opened.  A tough decision to make when the cycling conditions are perfect, but we need some additional camp food that's in one of the packages for some towns in Colorado with limited services.

All we pass around here is cattle feed yards (also known as "cattle concentration camps", very sad), and those same old oil derricks.  Both are very stinky in their own way...

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