Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days 36-41 - July 9 - 14, 2013

We are combining our week off into one post! 

July 9th - Since we love the National Park System, we decided to drive from Springfield, MO to Diamond, MO to visit the George Washington Carver National Monument. It was a fascinating exhibit that told their story of one of our most amazing innovators. 

July 10th - We took off from Springfield to Fort Scott, Kansas. Fort Scott is a really cool little town with amazing history. The sun was brutal on this day, but we walked all around that fort because it was an incredible look into history. We then drove to Chanute in a hurried effort to try to get to the post office to pick up Erica's shipment of Sheps (the missing little pig mascot),but thanks to a lot of road construction, we did not make it to the post office before it closed. We then got back on the highway and headed for Kansas City. 

July 11th - We crossed the border back into Missouri for a stop in Independence to see the Harry Truman Home and presidential library and museum. The Truman home was amazing...it was touching to hear about how much Harry Truman and his wife loved the home and how they longed to return to their normal lives after his time in office.  We also found a bike shop, and Erica got a new pair of bike shorts, as she sent two other pairs home after discovering they are very uncomfortable on long rides!

Later that evening, we caught up with our pals, Lisa , Erin, and Meredith and new pal Jen to have dinner and drinks back in Kansas City at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium before heading to see Brandi Carlile at The Crossroads. We actually saw a lot of our friends at this show and got to meet some folks who have been so supportive of our trip. Brandi and the band played a great show...their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" just keeps getting better!

July 12th - On this day, we made the long road trip to Denver. We made a quick stop in Topeka to see the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site. The site is amazing, set in an old school. There were a number of school groups there and it was so cool to see them engaging in learning about this part of our history. Then it was then on to Denver. When we rolled into town, we had dinner with our fellow road tripping pals at the Breckenridge Brewery. 

July 13th - Red Rocks day arrived at last! Erica and I didn't really have any plans for the day, so we drove to Arvada and picked up a cooler and some drinks to take to the show, then we ended up going to Golden and up to Lookout Mountain to Buffalo Bill's gravesite and museum. 

Pretty soon, it was time to head to the venue. We met up with more friends who were tailgating in the parking lot, but then a nasty storm rolled into the area and dropped a ridiculous amount of rain on us. We weren't sure they were going to be able to have the show, but soon the rain slowed down and after a small delay, we got into the venue and were ready for an epic show. Brandi and the band owned that place that night and played their best show to date. It was an incredible night of music. 

July 14th - We headed east back out of Denver and headed to Wichita to return our car and get ourselves back to a decent point to pick up the trail.

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