Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 86 - August 28, 2013 - Florence, OR

Miles - 12
Total mileage - 2,322

We had a glorious night of much needed rest in Jodi's cabin, and didn't even set an alarm!  After some cereal, we picked Jodi's brain for a good location to dip our wheels in the ocean without having to haul our bikes over miles of sand.  She gave us directions, and we took off down Highway 101.

We reached the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area after riding across a narrow bridge (yikes), and sailed down to the dunes.  There were fine buggies racing around on the sand, they were pretty cool to watch.  And we saw the ocean for the first time!

We searched for a decent place to cross the dunes to dip our wheels in the ocean, and eventually I got sick of riding and we decided to just shove our bikes over the giant dunes.  These things were massive, and extremely steep!!

We finally made it to the other side!  And to the ocean!

Shep, Badtz, and Ozzy made it too!

We spent a few hours walking around on the beach, and just enjoying the symbolic end of this summer of adventures.

We really wanted to be able to personally thank everyone who supported and encouraged us during Looking Out Across America, so we recorded this short video.  (To be added - you can find it on our Facebook page now if you'd like!)

Stay tuned - I know we will update everyone on what we have been up to since the end of our trip, and definitely will post a recap of the Raise the Roof annual fundraiser for the Looking Out Foundation, where we present the total funds raised for LOF and the Fight the Fear campaign!!!

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