Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 59 - August 1, 2013 - Rand, CO to Walden, CO

Miles - 27
Total mileage - 1,672

We drove up to Rand, CO, where I started my ride today.  We are trying to get back on track, so are driving some of the route so we can finish on time!  We were in another one of these vast valleys surrounded by mountain views on all sides.

Today's ride was pretty flat, with just a little wind.  There were only a few climbs, which still wear me out because of the altitude!

I spotted a couple of hawks - seemed like they were hunting as a pair, squawking back and forth very close to a prairie dog colony...look out prairie dogs!!!

Saw a couple of llamas in a field too.  And earlier in the day, a couple of antelope close to the road - they were pretty cool looking!

I rolled into Walden (the moose watching capital of the world) pretty early, we grabbed lunch at a cafe, then I hopped back on my bike to continue pedaling to Wyoming...unfortunately, but right on queue for our trip, a thunderstorm rolled in.  I got another 10 miles in before my pit crew told me to pack it in and get in the car!

We crossed into Wyoming today!  Mel and I hadn't ever been here before, so it was pretty neat!  We saw a couple of Eastbound riders just arriving in Colorado on the other side of the road - hope they pedaled fast and avoided the storms!

We drove to Rawlins, WY to stay the night, I soaked my aching knees in the hotel's hot tub, enjoyed a high class dinner (Taco Bell), and then attempted to fix a flat that Mel's rear tube had gotten a couple of days ago.  After a fight with the chain, and fighting the new tube into the tire, and getting covered in grease, I thought we had it fixed, and we turned in for the night.

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