Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 69 - August 11, 2013 - Council, ID to Cambridge, ID

Miles - 14
Total mileage - 1,847

We got a very late start at the B&B this morning!  Our room was so cozy, and then Debra made us a fabulous breakfast of sausage, scrambled eggs from her chickens, toast, fried potatoes, and coffee.  Roma and Debra's friend John who was going to help her pick up hay later in the morning joined us for breakfast.  Sage the Weimaraner let me cuddle her while breakfast was being prepared - she is such a sweetie!!

We didn't leave the B&B until around 11. We knew we were going to make this a short day, after getting a late start, and knowing that after the first 14 miles, we had a steady climb of 12 or so miles.  Ugh.  So 3 miles in, we were already stopping for a drink and ice cream!

It was mostly downhill to Cambridge - we checked in to a motel so we could work on some laundry, grabbed lunch at the one cafe that was open on Sunday, did some blogging and other random things, grabbed dinner at the same cafe, and are now relaxing before falling asleep and hopefully getting an early start tomorrow!

We have reached the point in the trip where we have to start thinking about what our next steps are after we get to the West Coast...pretty unbelievable actually how fast time has flown by.  We have no idea how to get from Florence, OR to a more major metropolis yet, and eventually to Seattle (biking is probably out, lol).  Everything is all up in the air now, but we will iron it all out!

For now, sleep.  Goodnight all :)

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