Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 60 - August 2, 2013 - Rawlins, WY to Jackson, WY (by car!)

We blasted through most of Wyoming today...still catching up!  Wyoming is pretty much like I imagine the early western settlers saw it - breathtaking in its wide open expanses, with almost no civilization as far as the eye can see!

We stopped at Split Rock - an important waypoint for Pony Express riders during its short stint in service.  Soon (or not so soon- we spent all day in the car!), we were entering the forests around Grand Teton National Park, and the landscape drastically from desert to granite peaks and pine trees.

Finally we were entering Grand Teton National Park!

Exciting stuff!  We explored the park for a while, as it was still only mid-afternoon.  These mountains are absolutely beautiful, and look unlike many others I've seen, since they really don't have any foothills and appear to rise up out of the lake.

We headed out of the park to find a place to stay, and then dinner in Jackson.  Jackson is a typical mountain tourist town, similar to Breckenridge - it's cute and appears quaint, it's crowded, and everything is expensive just on principle.  We found a cheapish pizza parlor where we could eat outside on the deck, enjoyed some ice cream from a little stand on the street, window-shopped for real estate in Jackson (news flash - we can't afford a studio apartment!), then headed back to crash.  It was a nice day, even though we spent most of it in the car...

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