Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 79 - August 21, 2013 - Mitchell, OR to Sisters, OR

Miles - 10 by bike, 78 by car
Total mileage - 2,127

We got to enjoy the last little but of downhill out of Mitchell before the climb up to another pass began.  The grade wasn't incredibly steep, but we noticed that our legs felt like Jell-o after the last week or so of tough pedaling over several mountain passes.  We were out of steam, and had 7 miles of climbing to go before we reached the top of the Ochoco Pass.  Neither of us knew how we were going to make it, given our exhaustion!

Secretly, while taking a break from walking my bike uphill, I was wishing for something to help ease our struggles for the day.  Not long after that, we noticed an SUV pull over about half a mile up the hill.  We pedaled up a little more of the hill, the SUV drove off again, and we settled in for more pedaling.

Not long after that, the same SUV pulled over on the other side of the road, and asked us if we needed help or a ride.  The woman said they had been the sag wagon for their kids several times, and hated seeing us walking on such a long climb.  We needed this break, so we decided to take them up on their generous offer!

They had a hitch rack for bikes - we loaded them up and crammed into their car next to their dog, Cody, in his cage.  They were packed to the gills because they had been away from home for a month and a half - first in San Diego watching their grand kids, then at their cabin in New Mexico.  We were so lucky to be crossing paths with them on their way home!

When they heard where we were headed, they offered to take us all the way to Sisters instead of Prineville, and we took them up on it, planning to take a rest day in Sisters before climbing our last mountain pass of the trip, the challenging but beautiful Mackenzie Pass.

They dropped us in the middle of Sisters, we thanked them for their generosity, and they headed for home in Bend, just 20 miles from Sisters.  We grabbed lunch, and decided to check into a motel in town.  Unfortunately Sisters is another tourist town, and everything is pricey!

It's cute though.  We checked in, and relaxed for a bit, had pizza for dinner, relaxed a little more, and slept.


  1. Lovely meeting both of you, Erica and Melissa. Hope you made it over MacKenzie Pass safely. What an adventure!! Cody's Mom and Dad: Magda and Bill Gonzalez of Bend, Oregon.

  2. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you made it to Sisters the day I left town. What a bummer. I hope you enjoyed Central Oregon. I think it's a beautiful place!