Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 1 - June 4, 2013 - Yorktown, VA to Charles City, VA

Total miles : 44.5
Time in saddle : 4h 13m
Wildlife spotted : Bald eagle, otters, herons, turtles, snakes, muskrat, vultures

The weather was MUCH more cooperative today!  70's, sunny, very little wind - pretty perfect for cycling.

We headed back to the Yorktown Victory Monument for our obligatory photo op, re-dipped our wheels in the "Atlantic" (aka York River), and took off.  We met another two riders there kicking off their trip too!

We loved cycling on the Colonial Parkway towards Colonial Williamsburg - wide road, fairly flat, and very scenic!  We stopped at Williamsburg for lunch with my parents, then headed out to Jamestown.  Jamestown was pretty neat - they are performing an archeological dig there too, which was interesting.  We are huge history geeks, if you couldn't tell!

There was an amazing bike trail between Jamestown and the Chicohominy (sp?) bridge, so we got to skip out on some traffic.  Highway 5 in VA is a 55 mph speed limit road with no shoulder - not bike friendly, so it's great that they are building this alternative for cyclists :)
It was super sunny today, as you can see by my lovely glove tan :)


  1. It's been great stalking Erica and Mel for the first two days of their trip. They are such an amazing team and have worked so hard for so long to prepare. So far, so good, but it's awfully hard watching them slowly and deliberately pull out onto the 2 lane (no shoulders!) Hwy 5 near Charles City, Va., knowing that there are gravel trucks lumbering along all day at 55 mph plus. Bill Voetsch (proud father and father-in-law of Mel and Erica)

  2. Glad to see the weather cleared on Tuesday and that you were able to visit Williamsburg and Jamestown. Also glad to see that you survived Rt. 5! (and found the completed sections of the Virginia Capital Trail). You'll have to return to ride the completed trail in 2015 and spend more time playing tourist. It was great to finally meet you two, best wishes for a safe and fun-filled journey!