Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 10 - June 13, 2013 - Lexington, VA - Rest Day

Had to take an unwanted rest day today because of predicted strong storms, including hail, lightning and strong winds.  Wouldn't be fun if we got stuck in the middle of nowhere in that.

Early in the day, I took us on a 2 mile death march to do laundry in downtown Lexington.  About halfway there, I was informed that yes, indeed, we were calling a cab to take us back!  Cabs in Lexington are interesting...just a retired guy and his dirty old crown vic, that smelled like old man and dog.  Awesome.

Not long after we got back, and almost right on cue, the nasty storm rolled in.  I can't post video here from my phone, but I'll try to post it on Facebook.  We were glad we made the call to stay in Lexington!  Sounded like it caused a lot of people to lose power, and did a ton of damage in the Roanoke area.

The rest of the day was boring - cooking backpacking food in our room, napping, and being kinda restless.  It sucks having to take a day off that you don't really have time to take off - ends up just making us anxious!

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