Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 25 - June 28, 2013 - Owensboro, KY to Sebree, KY

Mileage - 37.4
Total miles - 764.7

We woke up in Owensboro feeling really good, rested, and ready to start the day! After grabbing breakfast at the hotel, and hanging around in the room a bit too long, we took off to start our backtrack to the actual route.

We knew we had come about 13 miles or so off route to get to a hotel in Owensboro, and used a route mapping app to try to do it a little quicker than the day before.  For the first 6 or 7 miles, we stuck to the same route from before, which was pretty darn flat and nice!

Soon after that, however...we turned onto a road we hadn't ridden on the day before, all was fine for a mile or so, then it turned to a gravel farm road between fields.  Thinking it wasn't that far (less than 2 miles maybe), and there were some ruts left by truck tires where we could ride and avoid most of the deep gravel, we just kept going, and hoped for the best.

It didn't take long for the gravel to get deeper, which made it very difficult to keep control of the bikes.  Mel ended up walking her bike at one point.  It's always an adventure!

We had our first dog encounter of the day as we came to a farm with an older lady mowing the lawn.  Her dog ran out braking and chasing us, but when I stopped and put my hand out to her, she lowered her head and walked right over to be loved.  We've found this to be the case with most dogs we have encountered...and it proved true again just a few miles down the road when we ran into this cutie:

Today was full of the rolling hills we have experienced all across Kentucky - and they are exhausting.  They are not the same as the roller coaster hills in Virginia, which had a steep climb up the first one, but also a steep drop allowing you to shoot right up the next one without much effort.  The hills here require effort to climb, then have either a really short drop or just level off at the end.  Not nearly as fun, and they wear you out when they come one after another!  Mel always powers right up them, while I have to stop a time or two to catch my breath!  Here she is, way up ahead of me on one of them:

We rolled into Sebree around 4:30, and found a Subway!  How exciting - fresh veggies!  We grabbed a sandwich and some Gatorade to enjoy at the hostel later on, and headed through town to find the First Baptist Church, which has a cyclist hostel in its basement.

When we arrived at the church, Pastor Bob showed us around, then left us to do our own thing.  The hostel doubles as the church's youth center, so it had tons of couches, a big screen tv, pool table, ping pong, foosballl, and a full kitchen.  They also installed a shower for cyclists, and have a huge map to track where everyone is from who rolls through.  Great place to stay!  We passed our evening playing ping pong, watching tv, and blogging.  It was very relaxing!

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