Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 19 - June 22, 2013 - Breaks, VA to Lookout, KY (and Lexington, KY)

Mileage - about 26 (biking)
Total mileage - about 609

Packed up our tent in Breaks Interstate Park a little late this morning, and I wanted to actually see an overlook of "The Grand Canyon of the South" before we took off, so we parked the bikes at the visitor center and headed off on a "short" walk.

The short walk turned out to be another of my famous "death marches".  It was a good 1/3 of a mile down the park road, then probably a half mile each way on a winding path through the woods that changed elevation quite a bit.  In my defense, I had no clue - the ranger guy said it was close.  Again, don't listen to people who drive everywhere...but we saw it, and it was nice, and we finally got on the way around 11 - way, way too late!

We sped down a hill out of the park, only to be consistently trucked by curvy roads that appear to go downhill, but actually go uphill.  Tricky bastards...

We got to the bottom of a hill, and found this:

Never had we been thrilled to cross the border into Kentucky!  Virginia is behind us now, including all of its mountainous terrain!  1 state down, 9 to go!

We were planning to get to Bypro, Ky to meet Mel's parents who were picking us up for the weekend, but we were late getting to Lookout, and thought they would meet up with us before we could get to Bypro, since we needed to stop for yet another lovely gas station lunch before going any further.  We decided to stop and just wait for them in Lookout, and ended up meeting or at least seeing the entire population of Lookout while we waited!

They finally found us, and we headed up to stop for the night in Lexington, KY.  We had enough time to check in to our hotel, grab dinner from an odd little hole in the wall with unusually tasty late night treats, and pass out.

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