Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"I'm like the rain in a downpour" - the story of Day 0

We got up and ready to go start this thing this morning - met the local cyclists who wanted to send us off (hi Sharon, Scott, Bill, and Jeff!) at the Yorktown Victory Monument...and then the storms and rain came!  (Somehow I only have the photo of us with Jeff on here, more to come of the rest of the group!)

It looked like it would clear up in a couple of hours, so we took the opportunity to check out the national historic site in Yorktown, and grab some lunch.  Thought we had a break in the weather around 1, even went out and dipped our wheels, and then...it poured again.  Rain and drizzle is one thing, a downpour is quite another!

So around 2, we decided we didn't want to be riding in rush hour traffic, that rain sucked, called it a day, and visited the grounds of Sherwood Forest, President John Tyler's residence.  He's my 6th Great- Grandfather, so it was neat to check out his place!  His grandson still lives in the house.

And, we got this fantastic deal on a place to stay tonight that even has a paranormal investigation you can go on.  Real ghost hunting equipment and everything!  To say I am thrilled is an understatement!!!

So tomorrow is a new day, no hard feelings Yorktown, VA!  Sunshine and tailwinds tomorrow please!

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