Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 4 - June 7, 2013 - Rest Day, Mineral, VA

Since the forecast called for rain, all day, with the potential of thunderstorms, we decided to take a 0 day in Mineral.  The two guys that were also at the volunteer fire department actually packed up and left in the pouring rain!  Best of luck to Daniel from Berlin and Steven (I think I remember that correctly!) from Seattle!

We didn't do much - still up early because of various things - trains rolling by 40 feet from us, the uncomfortable nature of sleeping on concrete, and movemrnt outside.  We stopped by the gas station to grab coffee, and had leftover pizza for breakfast.  Exciting huh?  Oh and they sell this at the gas station :

We napped, read, and lazed around as much as possible.  I went and did some laundry at the nearby laundromat - it was nice to get out soaking wet clothes from the day before dry!

Did more of the same in the afternoon and evening, cooked some of our backpacking food for lunch, then ate at this greasy spoon (literally, everything had about a gallon of grease cooked in), which have me heartburn all night, thanks!

Turned in early, and that was about it.  Such an exciting day off!

Here's another funny for you:  

 Can you train urban essence?  I was tempted to sign up to find out!

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