Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13 - June 16, 2013 - Christiansburg, VA to Radford, VA

Miles - about 16
Total miles - about 410?

Today became a short day - we headed out of Christiansburg into more of those lovely Virginia hills, complete with a headwind.  We had to pedal downhill - this is a major tragedy in the life of a touring cyclist!

It (sadly) took all morning to get to the 13 mile point - we stopped for lunch, and just knew we didn't have another 40 miles of hills in us, so we called it a day in Radford.  

As a side note, the TransAm trail is very well marked in Virginia - there are signs everywhere telling you where to turn, and assuring you that you are still on route.  It seems they have changed some of the routing in VA fairly recently however, but have yet to change the signage, which resulted in us taking on hills today that we really didn't need to, and missing out on a cool bike path!  Moral of the story - TransAm'ers, don't get lazy with that map reading in VA just because you see signs everywhere!

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