Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 27 - June 30, 2013 - Cave in Rock, IL to Harrisburg, IL

Mileage - 35.9
Total Miles - 859.2

We planned to alter our route from the TransAm route today due to forecasted thunderstorms rolling in to the area, and really nothing but camping along the actual route.  We headed out north on IL-1 into gloomy looking skies and more of those "unholy rollers" (the term that I've decided is appropriate for the rolling hills in KY and IL!).

We got rained on for a bit, and it was actually pretty chilly this morning - is it really almost July?

We missed what was supposed to be our turn (possibly not a bad thing, since we both recalled later that the road the routing app was going to take us down looked to be gravel!), and were soon connecting up with state road 13, which the church had actually recommended as a shortcut to Carbondale yesterday (side note: maybe we should take the advice of pastors more often!  ;) ).  We got on 13, and it was just as promised...flat with wide shoulders to ride on!

We had a whole lane to ourselves!  The last 14 miles went by pretty quickly, and soon we were pulling in to Harrisburg.  And, unlike other days, the meteorologists had it wrong, and the thunderstorms still haven't rolled in!

We grabbed and early dinner at a Mexican restaurant, loaded up on snacks at Kroger since we are nearly out, and headed back to finish blogging.  It is now 8:15, blogging is all caught up, and our tired selves are about to crash!  We can barely stay awake until the sun goes down lately!  

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