Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 21 - June 24, 2013 - Louisville, KY to Glendale, KY

So, since we were totally having a blast hanging out with my parents, plus we had a late night after the concert, oh and there was some morning rain...we decided to make it a laundry and travel day. 
We stayed at the Galt House, a beautiful hotel right on the riverfront in Louisville and enjoyed their amazing breakfast buffet. My parents really enjoyed their made to order omelets! We headed just south of downtown to the University of Louisville to do some laundry, which didn't take too long. 
We got back on the road to pick up a few other items we needed, then kept trying to find a bike store or sporting goods store, but all we found was a hunting store in a random town. 
Before too long, my parents were dropping us off in Glendale, Kentucky, at the Glendale Inn. It was here that we learned a valuable lesson about asking to see the hotel room before paying for it. Let us just say that I had my concerns about our safety and overall health if we were to stay at this hotel. Even my dad was not thrilled for us to stay at this place. Eventually, I spoke up while visiting the travel station and we decided to drive down the road to a local campground to stay the night. When you decide to camp instead of staying in a hotel...yeah, imagine the hotel being that bad. 
It seemed like we were delaying the inevitable, saying bye to my parents and a really wonderful weekend. I cried as we said goodbye. My parents are so wonderful and supportive, and I have missed them so much...getting to see them and hang out was a huge highlight of this trip for me. We shared stories from our bike trip, and my mom shared stories about growing up in was just so great. And a relief to be with the people that represent home to was just priceless. 

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